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Alex was great at returning phone calls and text messages. He was happy to explain the process and let me know what the next step was. He sold my house for $21,000 more than what another related Realtor wanted the house to list at. Alex wanted to get more for the property and not just a quick sale. He wanted to get what it was worth. I will recommend him to anyone who I know who is looking for an honest related Realtor.


Lynae Marie

When I first contacted Alex it was because I could not get information needed to make an offer on the house of choice. He was diligent and active in getting the information to get started. The answer he gave me was that someone else had already made an offer on the home I were interested in. But, this did not hinder him from taking our information and alerting the seller of a “next in line” buyer! When their offer fell through, Alex contacted me right away and I was in the house shortly after for first time. Alex had good history of the home and gave many details. He was instrumental in giving structural information. All repairs were handled with expertise and quickness. He had access to resources that aided in accomplishing the tasks. All approvals were sent for signatures and calls were made for clarity or action! Alex demonstrated his vast knowledge with understanding and if needed in smaller increments. He came out for home inspections “ready for action”, participating actively in the inspection process. Alex was inspirational when nerves needed calming and keeping the flow of business to the completion of the sale. “A new home owner can be added to his success!” With gratitude.


-Camille Cordova

In making our decision for who would sell our property, we interviewed three agents. As our house was very unique, in size especially, it would be very difficult to use comparable sales as there were none. Of the three agents only Alex realized this. Instead of comparables, he used an engineering  approach to determine the best listing price. He was right. We did adjust the price down from there, but we managed to net almost twice what we would have gotten if we had used one of the other agent’s recommendation. He has been amazing with help brokering the deal from all angles. We cannot say enough about how fantastic he was in getting every detail and/or concern worked out.



I was recommended to Alex by my best friend and it was a great recommendation. Alex was there with me for a year while I battled to get the funds together and was very patient and did everything in his power to get me and my fiance’ into our home and was even willing to help us after the sale was  finalized. I will be using him for all my future real estate endeavors!



I was the buyer, Alex was my agent. Alex was awesome from start to finish. Very knowledgeable, very patient, and just a really nice person. I would highly recommend him to any friend or stranger looking to buy a home in Northern Nevada. Thanks Alex!



Helped me sell a home
Alex was extremely timely and responsive in working with him over a period of several weeks. His knowledge and understanding of real estate was at an expertise level. We would highly recommend anyone looking for a smooth process and great outcome to use Alex!



Helped me buy a home
One of the most patient people I have ever met. Always willing to answer questions. As a first time buyer that is really important. I was always asking questions and requesting a showing. He was extremely helpful with everything.


-Carolina Harral

Helped me buy a home
My wife and I were very impressed with his knowledge and skills. We would recommend Alex Zujovich to anyone listing or planning to purchase a home. He made the purchase of our new home in Carson City NV. a very pleasant experience.



Helped me rent a home
My husband and I had been actively looking to buy a home around the Carson City area for months . We put our home in California up for sale so we could buy a home here but our home in California sold in about two weeks leaving us without a home.. I was searching for a rental home that would allow my three small furkids but no luck and we was out of time when one of the realtors contacted us asking if she could give our number to a friend that she thought could help us (Alex) He called me back right away and said he had a perfect rental for us and would take our babies and let us rent month to month until we found our perfect home to buy. Alex saved us from living in a motel and the home he rented us in Minden was perfect for my family. Thank you Alex. The home we wanted came back on the market and we bought it . Wow!! sold our home, moved from California to Minden to a great rental and bought the perfect home all I one month . I am a big believer that god works in mysteries ways. God Bless you Alex.



Helped me buy a home
Alex Zujovich is very professional in his job and responsibilities. He went out of his way to assist us in buying our home. It has been incredible to work with Alex, without his knowledge we would still be renting. From the get go, Alex made us very comfortable. He was meticulous and patient in answering all our questions and concerns, and as first-time home buyers we found it incredibly helpful. The only house that fit our needs in size and location with a very limited budget was a short sale. We had the money for the down payment, but not for the closing costs. Making negations with the selling bank to cover these where not successful: Alex suggested we raise the purchase price, and include the costs; and then the bank paid for it. Alex got us a good house inspector who found a few things wrong on the house and then suggested hiring a heating inspector and as a result, the bank bought us as a brand new high efficient furnace and paid for some of the other repairs. Thank you Alex! Alex’s ability to make connections with the listing agent and build a strong case for us helped us a lot. He even helped with finding a good title company. Yes, Alex Zujovich, knows his business, and then some. On all levels of the search, offers and negotiation, down to the final details, he is at the top of the list of people whom we have dealt with, and would do so again in the future.



Helped me sell a home
Alex was very professional in getting my parents mobile home park sold. It was a difficult property to sell, and we had a lot of obstacles to get through!!! He never gave-up, and got the deal done.



Helped me buy a home
Well I met Alex just about 2 years ago when I was looking to purchase my first home. Not being familiar at all with first time home buying and 
unable to understand all the paper work that is a very big part in the home buying experience, Alex was so very helpful. The truth of the matter is, Alex,
was not even my realtor and yet he offered his professional opinions and
took time out of his own busy life to try and help someone he had never 
associated with before. He never asked for anything in return and that is a very rare thing in today’s world. His professional knowledge of the real-estate business, his friendly, trustworthy attitude and the sincere feeling
that he care’s is what make’s him stand alone amongst the many in today’s business world.
It is myself and my wife’s opinion, as well as many other’s we are certain, that Alex Zujovich is a friend and we are happy to say so!


-Darrin & Adelaida McDonald

Helped me sell a home
Extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable and most of all timely.
He knows his profession and he is not afraid to call a spade a spade. Selling a home is a scary proposition Alex keeps you informed , answers your questions truthfully and provides timely updates.


-Bud Council

Helped me buy a home
Alex looked after us from the moment we met him, and showed us just the right homes in our price range. When we fell in love with our new home the owner was not moving on the price, that’s when Alex worked his magic and after tense negotiations we got the price and home of our dreams.



Helped me buy a home
My husband and I unexpectedly had to move to Dayton, NV. Our move had to be quick. We needed a month-to-month rental and we have five pets. No private party or realtor would even consider us. Then we found Alex. His exact words were “We will make it happen.” And he did. A month later we moved into a wonderful rental and he treated it as if it were his own, making repairs himself. We immediately started looking for a home to buy and Alex couldn’t have been more helpful. He was always available, returned phone calls immediately and was very professional and friendly. We relied on him completely because we knew nothing about buying a home. We found the perfect home, bought it and moved in before escrow closed, paying daily rent. Two days before escrow was to close it fell through, because of personal financial issues, and we were given two days to move out. Alex, once again, came through for us and found a private lender and we closed escrow on time. Now we are so very happy in our new home and know we would not be here if it were not for our wonderful realtor! I would highly recommend Alex for any realty transaction.



Helped me buy a home
We called Alex at 7am on a Saturday morning, and he got back to us by 8am that same day. We were looking for property here in Nevada and had very little time to spend here. Our home was in California and it sold before we had a chance to find a new home here. Thanks to Alex’s fast return to our call and his willingness to meet with us that same day we found a great place here in Dayton. He helped us all the way through and was there for us even after we moved up here. If we were to sell or buy any other properties Alex will be the man for us.



Helped me sell a home
I have known Alex since 2009. He kept in touch with me until I was ready to buy a house in 2011. I don’t know too much about houses or who to call to fix them but I could always call Alex to find the right person when something was wrong with the home. He is very helpful. Then I needed a place closer to work in another town. So I called Alex and he sold my home in 2014 with no problems and at the price I needed. He even arranged me to stay in the house after it sold until he can find the next house. He found a nice place and introduced me to a very good loan officer. I am very happy how the loan and home purchase went. He is very good at what he does and patient about explaining the whole process. I would definitely use Alex again. Sincerely, Dolores A.



Helped me sell a home
I contacted Alex in order to purchase a townhouse in Carson City, Nevada. He was very responsive and knowledgeable about the local real estate market. The purchase contract and associated documents were handled accurately without any problems. He also saved me several thousand dollars by negotiating the final sales price. I was impressed by the property inspection services coordinated by Alex that occurred on the same day. I believe Alex has a high degree of personal integrity. The entire transaction was handled very smoothly and was a pleasurable experience. He also showed me some other townhouses in the area that were potential income properties. He offered plenty of good advice without any pressure to purchase additional properties. I think anyone looking for real estate property in the Carson Valley/Minden area would be well served by retaining Alex Zujovich’s services.


-William Grizzell

Helped me buy a home
I chose Alex to help me find a house in Carson City by randomly looking for a realtor online, but I can’t imagine any other realtor being better than he turned out to be. Very patient (I looked at a lot of houses), very knowledgeable about prices and details of the different areas, always pleasant and polite, no pressure. His local knowledge and advice was invaluable, since I am not familiar with the area myself. When I finally made my choice, Alex managed all the house inspections and negotiations for me, helped me fix the small defects that the inspections revealed, and represented me at the closing. I’m very satisfied.



Helped me buy a home
I worked with Alex purchasing a condo in carson city. I was new to the area and Alex spent the time to educate me on the area and really made me feel confident in my purchase. Because of this Alex will receive all my business in carson city as a property manager and Realtor including buying a home there now.


-Bobby Ratto

Helped me sell a home
Alex is one of the most professional real estate agents I have met over the years of buying and selling houses in several states and three countries. His communication skills are excellent and precise to the point. Fortunately for me his integrity is of the highest level unlike others I have met in the profession and/or read about in the news. During the 18 months of my acquaintance with Alex we bought three houses all of which turned out to be excellent purchases.



Helped me sell a home
Alex wasn’t just a realtor, he was an advocate. His negotiation skills got us more than what we could expect, and he demonstrated that he was extremely knowledgable not only in the real estate process but also in local policies and practices as well. We actually found Alex through another realtor, who recommended Alex as a very intelligible and courteous person. My family and I are extremely thankful for Alex’s service. He was just so courteous, professional, smart, and patient. And he knew exactly how to handle the banks when things got rough. Again, he was a total advocate by every meaning of the word. He played the key role in changing our lives, and we are forever great full I would recommend him to absolutely anyone!



Helped me sell a home
The wolves of foreclosure were nipping at my heels when I contacted Alex through online research. Although I interviewed three other agents I immediately responded to Alex’s care and respect toward me. Respect and knowledge are huge when facing one of the most stressful events of my life. Alex quickly responded to my real estate needs teaching me the in’s and out’s of the short-sale process. Literally minutes after he put up the For Sale sign in the yard he recieved an all cash offer, which I immediately accepted. I’m sure that Alex’s positive relationships with everyone involved with the process led to us closing within the month. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone requiring real estate assistance. He was a great agent!


-Sunny Spencer

Helped me sell a home
Alex represented the buyer but always kept me informed of when inspections were going to be and was there for each of them. He made the transition an easy and pleasant one. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to sell or buy a home. Thank you for all your help.


-Donna Gibone

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