Spring cleaning ensures the health of your family and keeps your home looking great for years to come! And, come time to sell your house, you’ll be pleased you took such amazing care of it come every spring!

Here are a few tips for easier and faster spring cleaning –

Schedule & Plan Your Spring Cleaning Routine

Do you wish a deep clean, or only some surface-level scrubbing this year? Once you decide, it would be good to come up with a schedule and list down particular spring cleaning tasks that you need to accomplish. A quick tip: Finish the hardest tasks first and then move on to the easiest ones.

Assign Spring Cleaning Tasks To Everyone

Let’s admit it! One person taking up all the spring cleaning tasks around their home is extremely tiresome. So you can make various members of your family responsible for a specific aspect of spring cleaning. The study room can be taken care of by the people who love books while the kids can help take care of their stuff and toys, and so on.

De-Clutter & Organize Your House

De-cluttering and organizing would make your home tidier as well as reduce your stress levels. Except for seasonal items, you may throw away the things you haven’t used for the last 6 months. Organize your desk, your refrigerator, your wardrobe, your storage items, look through all your drawers, and then donate or remove waste items.

Clean Your Carpets

Surface clean or deep clean your carpets – especially carpets of those rooms where the bulky furniture is hardly moved all year. For example, your bedroom or dining room can be a common culprit. For this purpose, you may employ a high-performance vacuum cleaner or even a professional to do the cleaning for you. You would find your atmosphere to be much cleaner, and the restored color and texture of your carpet would undoubtedly blow your mind!

Show Some Love To Your Windows & Walls

When cleaning your home for spring, don’t forget to show some love even to your walls and windows. Get hold of a damp towel and wipe down your walls as well as your blinds. You can use a pressure washer for the thorough cleaning of your windows. Remember to clean the window screens from outside as well!

Clean Your Bathroom

Don’t dread your bathroom because cleaning it would reward you the best! The good news is that one product can do more than half of the work for you. Yes, it is white vinegar! This product is excellent at removing any build-ups, including limescale. Just apply it on your shower, sink, and toilet, and let it do its magic overnight. Just remember to ventilate your bathroom as vinegar has a strong smell.

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