You may have had grand plans when moving into your new home. You may have wanted to add that extra room or maybe get a small rock garden. Whatever they were, you tend to forget them as time passes by. You feel comfortable with the environment and stop feeling the need for any special arrangement. Luckily for you, a new year promises new beginnings. And you can use this opportunity to bring those much-needed modifications to your home.

Do the following in your home and welcome the New Year with a bang!

1. Create a welcoming entryway

The entryway is one of the essential areas in a house. It is the first thing that guests see. Quite naturally, the area deserves utmost attention when creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home. Find innovative ways to organize your things; shoes, leashes for dogs, the keys for your rooms, etc. You may place a bench and build a shelf above it to store your items.

2. Buy a couple of trendy accessories

Get a couple of elegant accessories. It is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate who you are. Explore the market. You will come across trendy accessories designed to add character to your home’s elegance.

You can also try the following:

● A piece of art: Place a work of art on the wall or your side table. A piece of art not only decorates a home but also adds a touch of curiosity. Just make sure that the article is capable of complementing your home. You may also add a line of pictures. This gives guests something to explore while seated on the couch. If you prefer a minimalistic design, go for contemporary art.

● Let lighting work in your favor: Use a combination of different types of lighting. Doing this will brighten up your home, and it will appear stylish. There are lights designed for everything, from decorative lights to mood lights. Make good use of this variety. You can use large chandeliers in your living room. And soft lights will work wonders for bedrooms.

3. Change the linens in your home

Next comes the question of decorating your bedroom. It is here that you spend one-third of your day. And the room has to look perfect in every sense. The bed linens have to be spotless and should have a design that stands the test of time. Follow these tips, and you will do well:

● Consider the thread count: This is now a thing of the past. However, reputed companies still give it the utmost importance. Know the perfect thread count for your choice of fabric and go accordingly.

● Choose the material with caution: The material of your bed linen should reflect your personal preferences. If you want to feel cool during summer, linen is the best choice. Cotton is breathable and is great for all seasons. A combination of polyester and cotton is affordable and excellent in quality.

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