Christmas and New Years are the perfect time to bond and create memories with your friends and family. Nothing unites us with our loved ones as much as little celebrations do! However, for those with the responsibility of hosting houseguests, winter holidays may look like a mixed blessing. You are likely to be overwrought with the thought accommodating guests in that ‘humble abode,’ but don’t fret! There are many practical ways to make your hosting run smoothly.

Start with making extra room for your guests’ to stay comfortably, and this job can quickly be done! Take a walk around your home, and you’re likely to find a space (either your kids’ playroom or home office) that can be easily converted into a guest room without upsetting your family routine. Here is what you need to do:

Start With The Basic – Bed, And Bedding

Your home office, playroom, or any extra room for that matter can easily be doubled up as a comfy guest room when required by adding a bed.

Beds with storage below or built-in daybeds are a perfect choice as they provide your guests with extra storage spaces. Besides, it will also be convenient for you to turn the room back to its original use once the guests leave.

Stock up the guest room on extra bedding, both linens and pillow covers. If your guests are likely to stay for more than a night, having a spare set of bedding will only reflect on you being an attentive host/hostess!

Freshen Up The Décor

Putting up simple wall hangings and other seasonal decorations (maybe to create a Christmassy charm) can give your guest room a cozy feel! If the room has been a kids’ play area, a study, or a personal office, you need to begin with clearing up items that will only be clutter for your guests. Before you move ahead with decorations, consider dusting, and vacuuming the room.

You can even make a sweet gesture of hospitality and impress your guests by giving the room’s décor a personalized touch. A custom-prepared welcome note or a monogrammed mug for morning coffee will do the trick!

Keep An Inventory Of The Essentials

An important step towards making your holiday houseguests feel welcome and comfortable is to replenish the stock essentials, especially for the guest room. Make sure that your guest room has towels, toiletries, blankets laid out well in advance for them. Also, put a few extras of all the items as it doesn’t reflect well on you if your guests have to ask each time they are out of tissue rolls!

Add An Over-The-Bed Cabinetry

When guests come over to stay for longer durations (say a week), the more storage space you can provide them with, the better! Having cabinets over the bed will not only serve the purpose of keeping their belongings organized but will also help make the room look spacious. Overhead cabinetry helps save floor space and provides an open area for your guests to move around freely.

Resist The Urge Of Going Overboard

Remember to keep your preparations reasonable. Your guests only expect a clean, well-kept room, access to the essentials, food, drinks, and your company. Don’t tire yourself making lavish decorations or shopping for the fanciest bedding. Instead, do what’s important and focus on creating a fun and memorable holiday time for your guests.