“When is the best time to sell my property?” is a question that Realtors get asked more often than not. Opinions tend to be divided when it comes to the time during holidays. Some may suggest that you wait until after the holiday season is over, or even hold off until spring. Others may put up a good case as to why selling your house during the holiday season is a good idea.

Whether you list your property during the holiday season or not depends on your situation, and various other factors. Here is a list of some pros and cons of selling your home over the holiday season –

Advantages Of Selling Your Property During The Holiday Season –

● Less Competition And Reduced Inventory: If you live in an area with a mild climate, buyers will not be deterred by heavy snow and harsh weather to come and see your house. Buyers who are actively looking for a new home will be motivated to buy your house as property options reduce during the holiday season. This also reduces your competition.

● Increased Attention From Agents: Listings are few during the holiday season. As agents have fewer listings, sellers receive their undivided attention. The buyer’s agents, too, have more time to arrange showings and negotiate profitable deals.

● Tax Benefits: A lot of buyers look forward to purchasing a home before the end of the year for tax purposes. For such buyers, December listings are ideal. Having listed your property during the holiday season then gives you an edge as the seller.

● Beneficial For Hard-To-Sell Homes: If your property has certain drawbacks, such as a poor location, listing your home during the holiday season can be the right decision for you. There is a chance for your property to be overshadowed by better listings if you wait until spring.

● More Time For Showings: Almost everyone takes time off work during holidays. This makes it easier for you to coordinate showings. Buyers who are trying to settle on a new house before the end of the year are more likely to close the deal.

Disadvantages Of Selling Your Property During The Holiday Season –

● Cons Of A Reduced Inventory: A reduced inventory comes with a flip side too. During the holiday season, you would be appealing to a relatively smaller list of buyers. There is a chance of your home not matching the specific needs of those buyers. Buyers may also offer low prices, thinking you are desperate to offload your house, given you have listed during the holiday season.

● Inconvenience During Showings: During the holidays, it becomes difficult to always keep your home ready for showings. You may be traveling or have someone visiting your home. Maintaining a spic and span house becomes troublesome while hosting parties, wrapping gifts, or cooking.

● Heavy Snow May Put Off Viewers: If your house is located in an area that experiences heavy snow or freezing weather, you may experience a reduced number of showing requests.

● Delay In Various Processes: Selling a home during the holiday season may pose various challenges. Holiday decorations may overwhelm the viewers, for they would not be able to see how the property really looks. Since almost everyone takes time off over the holidays, you are likely to experience delays from the agents, legal authorities, and even buyers.

Each home is unique, and each seller is different. Hence, concluding whether selling your property over the holidays is right or not becomes difficult. You must consider all the pros and cons of listing your property during the holiday season. Get in touch with the experts at Alex Zujovich Realtor for guidance and help while selling or buying a property.