With the weather now rising to warmer, more pleasant temperatures, spring is the perfect time to perform some significant upkeep tasks around your home.

The invigorating freshness of the season calls for us to break free of the confines of our indoor spaces and step out! As life moves from indoors to outdoor areas, it is essential to get landscaping jobs done just in time so that you can enjoy the abundant greenery in your garden throughout the year.

However, if you live in one of the arid climatic regions of Nevada, you know how dry and hot summers can be! This makes the spring season all the more crucial for landscape maintenance. So get hold of your gardening supplies and perform these landscaping tasks before the sweltering temperatures take over.

Curb Weed Growth

Weeds have no permanent cure! However, the good news is that you can prevent their damaging effects on your plants by keeping a close check on their growth. Since spring and summer are the most favorable seasons for pesky weed growth, keep a suitable herbicide handy and immediately treat weed growth with it. You can also manually dig the weeds out of the ground. This will be effective if you get the whole root out and cover the affected area with organic mulch or any weed-killer.

Fertilize The Ground

For optimal growth in the spring season, begin fertilizing your plants and trees now. If you have established roses in your garden, keep them well-fertilized. Likewise, start fertilizing your leafy trees, other shrubs, vines, and grass beds. This will ensure a sufficient supply of nitrogen to facilitate strong roots and healthy growth.

Keep Your Garden Hydrated

As the days get warmer and longer, your plants will need more water for sustainable growth. Make sure you water the lawn thoroughly to establish a deep and healthy root system.

However, before watering the lawn, ensure that the grass beds are properly aerated to prevent soil compaction. Optimally aerated soil facilitates better water and air penetration deep into the ground, resulting in deeper roots and a healthier lawn. Keeping the soil well aerated also can reduce the watering time significantly.

Time To Add Mulch To Your Plants

Spring is a favorable time to lay down a thick layer of mulch around your plants and prevent the loss of moisture during warm summer days. This will also enrich the soil for excellent plant growth and prepare it for putting in new plants.

Prune Your Trees And Shrubs

In general, early spring is the ideal time to prune your fruit trees, late-flowering shrubs, and roses to see fantastic growth in the coming months of summer. Cut off the stems proportionally and seal their tips with an infection-preventing solution. Also, get rid of damaged, dead, or diseased stems to ensure the overall healthy growth of the plants. However, evergreens should be pruned in the later months of spring because such plants and trees need their foliage to grow in warm weather.

Take Strong Pest Prevention Steps

Pests can be a real problem in the spring and summer months. They can be hovering around in your garden for feeding and laying eggs. Garlic spray is a good, easy-to-prepare remedy that can help you ward off the dangers of pest infestation. Garlic can conceal the scent of plants which makes it harder for pests to identify them.

The Best Time To Get New Plants In Your Garden

Live Oak, Japanese Blueberry, Shamel Ash, Magnolia, and Australian Bottle trees are some of the best trees to grow in your garden. Not only are they a beautiful sight, but also add significant value to your home’s curb appeal. Besides, their shade provides a comfortable environment for the small plants and can also block unwanted views into your house!

Don’t wait any longer! Start sprucing up your outdoors today to give your family a comfortable oasis this summer.