It’s time to get ready for spring! As the colorful season takes over the dreary winter days, spring calls for homeowners to pop some vibrant colors and refresh the home’s décor style. With floral accents, pastel paints, and exotic patterns, you can have your interior design embody your artistic personality and make your home feel warm, welcoming, and personal.

For décor lovers who are getting nowhere with their inspiration boards and need some creative ideas to achieve that bright spring look – here are some tips that are going to dominate 2019’s spring décor trends!

Mix And Match Pattern

A pattern is one sure-fire way to refresh your home’s old minimalist look! You don’t have to constrain yourself to just one pattern either but can pair up a few styles and use them together. However, the key is to keep a monochrome color palette – such as pairing sun-drenched pinks and a brilliant scarlet that blends perfectly with your home’s furnishings. This will give you a fluid décor style that exudes the same level of softness throughout, appearing balanced visually!

You can easily achieve this look either by introducing a patterned wallpaper or rug in a spectrum of muted-to-strong tones such as pink, ochre, and cream or any other combination of your flavor. For a spacious, ventilated room, a statement print of bold, contrasting colors or floral patterns in exaggerated proportions is a timeless style. Choose the design that complements the room’s furniture while creating a warm and comfortable environment in your home.

Natural Elements

Spring is the time to shun our tech-dominated virtual worlds and bathe in nature’s charm. The year 2019 is projected towards fresh, nature-inspired décor styles, including stone, copper, concrete, and granite. These elements will let an organic and calm mood settle in any space while accentuating the beauty of your home.

Richer Color Palettes

Although subtle colors are always preferred to avoid overwhelming the home’s look, trendspotters believe that 2019’s spring is going to be a season where bold colors will bloom. Richer hues such as dramatic reds, gleaming pinks, bright yellows, and organic greens can make your muted furnishings and decorations pop out.


To achieve a heavenly look, let the sky and the stars be your motivation. In 2019, look for sophisticated astronomy and zodiac patterns. Star-strewn crockery, galactic surfaces, galaxy murals, and cosmic tile work will have your home brightened up! From sober hints to the overemphasized night sky, extraterrestrial motifs are going to be shooting around in the fashion and interior designing world in 2019.

Tropical Print

The year 2019 will have us swooning on trendy, modern tropical prints. Either reminiscent of the fond memories of the time spent lounging in the Caribbean Islands or for your obsession with the beautiful beach life, the tropical look is going to be an evergreen trend. A leafy wallpapered wall, a decent-size chandelier, a rug in faded green color is one way to create an ideal tropical space.

All it needs is a little effort and creativity to transform your home completely! Either you can go for the above ideas or come up with your own to welcome spring!