The rough winter months from December to January can be a challenge to sell your home. Among all the festive cheer and the winter blues, not many buyers will show up at your door. However, know that the few buyers that do pay you an open house visit despite the snowy weather are seriously motivated. They are looking to buy a home and are not just there to explore with half a mind.
However, do not undervalue the price of your property just because you received few prospects. Rather, focus on making your home comfortable and welcoming for the visitors and win them over with a hot deal!

Prep Up Your Home

Do a detailed clean-up and declutter your home, including the attic, basement, and outdoors. If your property is in a snowy climate, keep all the paths as well as any outbuildings around your property clear of snow at all times. Clean up any porches, decks, and patios and set up outdoor sitting if possible to make your home more inviting. Choose light decorations such as putting a beautiful vase in the living room and other appropriate festive decorations to make a good impression upon your guests.

Make It Warm And Comfortable

Be understanding of the troubles your prospective buyers take to visit your home, traveling roads covered in snow and having to face chilling wind along the way. Set your heating system at a steady 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the scheduled showings to provide your guests with a warm respite. Keep a few blankets around, and you can also choose to light up your fireplace to create a cozy atmosphere.

Keep Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Maintain a healthy, green lawn or landscape at all times. Do the regular maintenance chores such as mowing and picking up any trash or debris that piles up. Keep your lawn clear of snow to have a beautiful looking garden. Take all the necessary measures to prevent your septic tank from freezing as any water backing will not look good on your property. Since days are shorter during winter, ensure that your house is well-lit from both inside and outside for winter open house visits. Salt your front steps and the path leading towards your door to prevent dangerous slips due to ice. Mud and puddles can come along with your winter boots creating a mess in your porch. Hence, remember to clean it before the scheduled visits or consider having a new welcome mat if the old one is covered with mud.


Set The Mood During Open Houses 

The buyers may have put up with a snowstorm to visit your home, hence, make sure they feel well-attended and cared for as they finally arrive. Welcome them with superior hospitality. You can delight their taste buds with freshly baked cookies and other seasonal dishes that you are making. Serve them hot drinks or wine to help them feel relaxed after their freezing journey.


Spruce Up Your Online Listing

As the climate touches the freezing temperatures, many people switch to online house hunting. Hence, make sure you present your house in the best light. Consider sprucing up your listing with high-quality pictures and a virtual home tour. Hire the best professional photographer for the task.
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