Bathroom and kitchen remodels are notorious for being money-sucking projects. But, they also make a big difference when it comes to selling your home. You can get away with spending less on your next remodel with these secrets.

#1 Design the layout

Pinterest is the perfect place to get all sorts of inspiration for your new bathroom. Don’t waste money hiring a designer when you can follow the guidelines online and create your masterpiece.

One of the number one ways to save money is to do as much of the remodel as you can by yourself. If you can do the painting, you will save a lot of money. Plus, there usually isn’t that much wall space in your bathroom anyway. With the shower, tub and counter, it shouldn’t take you more than two days to get it done.

Install your toilet: It’s not too complicated to install a toilet yourself. Calling a plumber can be crazy expensive. Why bother when you can look up YouTube videos if all else fails?

Install your bathroom counter: If you’ve decided to replace your vanity, consider installing the new one yourself. If you have to build it or if it’s pre-assembled it won’t take more than a few hours and some elbow grease. Some even come with sinks attached to make it even easier.

#3 Refinish tub

Refinishing your bathtub is a cost-effective way to give your tub a new look without the price tag of a brand new one. If it’s beyond repair, consider purchasing a pre-fabricated shower or tub because they will cost significantly less than having a custom one built.

#4 Limit the use of tile

Tile isn’t cheap. It could cost around $2,000 to tile your shower. Try using an alternative material like hardwood for the floors, or acrylic or fiberglass for the shower. You might also be able to find tile lookalikes that are a cheaper option to original tile.

Things to remember

A bathroom will take a lot of time and effort, but it will improve your home’s value in the long run. Remember to space things out into mini projects to avoid getting overstressed and complicating matters more than they need to be. Good luck and if it’s time to sell your home; give us a call!