We’re sure you’ve seen an accent wall or two before. They immediately draw you in, and you wish you were brave enough to create one of your own. Well, you can! It doesn’t have to be difficult.

First things first

You need to decide on which room and wall you want to draw attention to. The living room? Your master bedroom? An accent wall works best in a place that doesn’t have much architectural interest.

Paint or wallpaper?

Paint is probably the easiest way to create a simple accent wall; especially if you want one wall to be a different color or a simple design. A design can be completed with painter’s tape and a steady hand. Go for a bold color for the same dramatic effect without the wallpaper.

Wallpaper works if you want something more dramatic. Whether it’s a large picture or a detailed pattern, it’s guaranteed to look fantastic. Make sure you take your time to line everything up to make it look like a professional installation.

If you’re not allowed to paint or paper your walls, fabric wallpaper is a good alternative. You glue it to the walls with liquid starch. It dries and doesn’t leave anything permanent on the walls. You may need to wash the walls after you remove the paper.

Picture wall

If you want something less permanent, a gallery wall can be a perfect choice. You can go traditional and have the same sizes and color frames, or you can go for a more creative look with different sized and colored frames. Doing so will look less orderly, but that might be your personality.

Get creative

There are so many different designs and patterns to choose from your next accent wall. If it makes you happy, go for it! And, if you’re searching for a home to purchase instead of renting, or another house, give us a call!